City Loft

The former Shell office complex, consisting on an high and a low building, was originally designed by architect Hans Oud in the 60’s.
The complex was re-designed and transformed into sustainable apartments by architecture practice Cepezed, from Delft.
While the 14 floors high building is suffering a complete renovation, the small building has been demolished. Cepezed has designed a total new one for it’s place.
ANA ROCHA architecture is working on the whole interior of the corner apartment situated on the 7th floor, looking out at the Oostduinpark.
The space will be designed as an open loft with a central functional unit, and one closed sleeping-room. The unit consists on a dressing-room surrounded by different cabinets, each one with a specific function: library, kitchen, work-closet. Two sliding doors move out of this central unit. When closed, a second room will apear, offering a separate space for work.


Program | Interior City LOFT, 120 m2
Client | Private
Architecture| ANA ROCHA architecture
Contractor interior | Spijker renovatie b.v., Den Haag
Interior builder | Kooijmans Interieurs, Amsterdam
Wooden floors | Simons Vloer & Wand, Haastrecht
PU floors | Fusion Gietvloeren, Gouda
Delivery | 2020

Photo credits thumbnail: CePeZed